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Upcoming Projects to Fund


Upcoming Projects:

  1. We would like to have our own shelter, we currently rent warehouse space that is not cost effective. 

  2. Metal outdoor shading for the dog play area.


K9 Konnection

Dream Home


     K9 Konnection Dream Home is a 2400 square foot facility that has kennels with outdoor runs, a meet and greet room, an isolation room for sick and stray dogs, storage areas, laundry room, reception area, and an outdoor play area.

     K9 Konnection currently rents approximately 2100 square feet of a  warehouse which allows us to have a capacity of twenty dogs.  It provides the dogs with a safe and protected environment that allows us to meet all their basic needs.  However, the situation does not allow us the most conducive situation that promotes cost effectiveness and proper programming. 

     Why?, you ask…we do not have proper drainage in kennel areas, kennels don’t have 24 hour access to an outside run, it is an old warehouse. It lacks energy efficiency and rental cost we will never get benefits from. 


The Dream Home would allow K9 Konnection to be cost efficient and provide our residents opportunities to grow into adoptable pets in a more timely manner.

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