It is our goal that no dog go hungry and is supported through healthy living.  K9 Konnection currently operates a Food Bank which offers dog food assistance to assist those struggling financially and need temporary assistance providing their dogs with quality nutrition.  This goal is made successful by many ongoing local donors and food fundraisers.  If you or someone you know is in need, please stop by or call 928-232-2611 and one of our volunteers will be glad to assist you.

In the near future, K9 Konnection in conjunction with a local veterinarian, grants and donations, will be looking to expand this program to include medical support care for identified pets in jeopardy of loosing their home or life, as a result of financial inability to have proper medical care.  These services would include general or specialized vet care for senior or special need dogs, spay/neuter, up-to-date vaccinations and transport assistance.